Montana Rx Card Testimonials

I have a high deductible HSA insurance plan to protect me if I have a serious accident, however my coverage offers little to no prescription coverage. When I get prescribed a medication I always use the Montana Rx Card and am amazed at the savings I receive. It is so refreshing to know that great programs like this exist. Thanks again Montana Rx Card.

Andrew F.
Helena, MT

I had been paying out of pocket for my medications over the previous year, averaging a total cost of $180 a month. When a friend told me she had used the Montana Rx Card and saved, I visited the website and printed a free card. I now pay $92 a month for my medications and am so happy to have the extra cash in these hard times. Thank you so much!

Jeff B.
Billings, MT

I was given a Montana Rx Card by the nurse at my local clinic and was told it could help me save money on my medications. I recently lost my medical coverage and decided to give the program a try. I was overjoyed when the pharmacist told me I saved over $40 on my monthly medications. Thanks!

Sarah B.
Butte, MT

I recently used my Montana Rx Card on a physician advised vaccine and saved 20% on the cost. I am so thankful for such a great program.

Mike P.
Bozeman, MT